Google Flutter

Released for public use in Mobile World Congress Congress, 2019, Flutter is Google’s offering to the world of Cross-Platform App Development. Even in its infancy stage, the single codebase SDK is what companies are porting their existing cross-platform apps on. Through our Flutter App Development services, we are giving businesses Flexibility, 85% Platform Specific Customization using a Single Codebase, and an expedited app development process.


Single Code Base

Saves cost and development effort by using the same code for deployment of Android and iOS.


Live Updates

Eliminate the need of App Store update approval. Make live updates on the fly, without going through app stores.


Intuitive and Modular Architecture

An easy interface to update and upgrade mobile and web applications sooner.


Greater Synchronicity

A better than Native Experience because of the tuning with Mobile Devices’ GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)

Flutter App Development Advantage

Our Flutter apps are developed by making the most of the platform’s customization abilities and the ease/uniqueness that an ‘Everything is a Widget’ framework has to offer. Mixing the capabilities of Flutter with the sensible visually appeal of Material Design, we are building digital experiences for our clients’ end users to enjoy and return to every day.


Expedite Development Speed

By enabling you to define both look and functionality of your app using Dart alone, Flutter keeps XML out of the picture, making the process faster.


Population of Widget

Flutter framework is made of widgets which in turn are made of widgets, making your app extensible and customizable


Hot Reload

Flutter instantly shows the result of your code changes on the app screen, making the app development process faster.


Material Design and Cupertino

Flutter gives a new meaning to Cross-Platform Native apps with widget library made of both Material Design (Google) and Cupertino (Apple).


Reactive Framework

Flutter makes updating content to your UI manually a thing of the past. Update variables in your state and UI will reflect all the changes automatically.


Dart Benefits

Flutter is based on Dart, a language that has the least learning curve. The growing Dart libraries make writing Flutter tasks a matter of few code lines.

It’s Your Turn to Join the Flutter Bandwagon

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