Full Stack Developer

At KokoApps, Engineers are highly-capable, experienced producers of high-quality, extensible code. They know the ins-and-outs of their field, apply that knowledge to solve the most difficult problems, and pass along that knowledge to the next generation through mentorship.
Scope of Responsibilities
  • Improve the structure, quality, and extensibility of code bases
  • Implement tools and best practices
  • Create reusable libraries and frameworks
  • Act as subject matter expert and contribute to the server center of excellence
  • Accurately estimate level of effort
  • Discover and evaluate new tools and technology partners
Specific Responsibilities
  • Be highly-capable experts in at least one technology
  • Build breadth across multiple tech stacks
  • Write high-quality, extensible, testable code
  • Participate in planning activities and provide accurate story estimates
  • Conduct code reviews and act as a role model on the team
  • Proactively breakdown work, identify risks, and explore solutions


Qualifications and Experience Required
  • Building server applications in Node.js
  • Employing strong TDD and performance optimization strategies
  • Architecting and deploying applications for AWS and other cloud providers
  • Provisioning devops tooling and continuous integration
  • Designing APIs consumed by many mobile or web applications
  • Using relational and document-store databases
  • Building high-performance, scalable cloud applications
  • Shipping fault-tolerant, highly-available systems in production


Preferred experience includes:
  • Building server applications using several different open-source stacks
  • Using containerization systems like Docker or Kubernetes
  • Using BaaS providers like Firebase or Heroku
  • Familiarity with modern front-end development such as React or Angular
  • Integrating third-party systems: CRM, CMS, shopping carts, and payments
  • Broad architectural knowledge and experience: serverless, microservices, traditional server-based (monolithic) services
  • System monitoring and security design and implementation
Job Category: Engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Kiryat Motzkin

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